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Facet Joint Injections Specialst

Facet joints form the connections between the vertebral bones that make up your spine. They provide spine stability and allow you to bend and twist your back. Like other joints in your body, facet joints may be a source of pain. Evan O'Brien, MD, and Chris Hennessey, PA, at Woodbury Spine provide facet joint nerve injections to alleviate facet joint pain. To learn more about facet joint nerve injections and how they may provide relief from your chronic back pain, call the Woodbury, New Jersey, office to book an appointment today.


Facet Joint Injections Q & A

What are facet joint injections?


Facet joint nerve injections are an interventional pain

management treatment that helps diagnose and treat back

pain. Facet joints are the joints in your spine that connect your

vertebral bones. These joints allow your spine to bend forward

and backward and twist.

Like other joints in your body, your facet joints are susceptible

to injuries and degeneration that cause pain. Dr. O'Brien

performs facet joint nerve injections to determine if your

facet joints are the source of your back pain. If so, then the

injections may provide long-term pain relief. 

Facet joint nerve injections contain a local anesthetic, which

provides immediate pain relief, and a corticosteroid

to reduce inflammation. 

Am I a candidate for facet joint nerve injections?

Dr. O'Brien determines if you would benefit from facet joint injections after a consultation. During your consultation, he reviews your symptoms, medical history, and previous pain-relieving treatments. 

He may request diagnostic imaging to confirm or rule out the cause of your back pain. You may be a candidate for facet joint nerve injections if you have spinal osteoarthritis, facet joint arthritis, or spinal degeneration. 

What happens during facet joint nerve injections?

During your facet joint nerve injection, Dr. O'Brien has you lie on your stomach on an exam table. He may inject a local anesthetic near the sight of your injection to minimize pain and may provide a mild sedative to ease anxiety.

Using guided imaging, Dr. O'Brien inserts a tiny needle adjacent to the facet joint he suspects is causing your pain. He then injects the medication.  

Dr. O'Brien sends you to the recovery area for monitoring and sends you home the same day. You need to arrange to have someone drive you home after your facet joint nerve injection and then take it easy the rest of the day. 

What type of pain relief can I expect after facet joint nerve injections?

If your facet joint is the source of your pain, you should feel relief from your discomfort soon after the injection that could last several weeks. 

Dr. O'Brien may refer you to physical therapy after your facet joint nerve injection to improve muscle support for your back for long-term pain relief. 

Call Woodbury Spine to schedule your facet joint nerve injection consultation today. 

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